What’s in a name?


Students had barely begun breathing life back into Cedarville’s campus and I was back, ready for another year of learning, growing, and discovering more of what God has for me. You never know where a year will whisk you away to. I already felt at home in the dorms and was helping my RA hang her carefully crafted name-tags outside each door in our hall late one night. Each nametag displayed a first name, middle name, each name’s meaning, and a summary of how those two meanings fit together.

Confession: I’ve heard two meanings for my name. It means either “captivating” or “servant of God.” Both are great! But the confession is that I’ve always secretly and dreamily kept the first meaning held in esteem with the second one. If my name meant, “captivating,” I was going with it!

The nametag that now hangs next to my door reads:

Rebecca Michelle

Servant of God + Who is like God?

One who communicates the servant’s heart of our incomparable Jesus

“That’s cool.” I thought. “I mean, being a servant of God is a really great thing, too.”

My lovely RA, unknowing of my conceited little subconscious, shared how these nametags made her so excited and blessed to be living in a hall with people that reminded her of such beautiful promises and characteristics of our Lord. She told me how they challenged her.

“Maybe our names, rather than being something that describes us, are something we should be striving to become.”

This stared me in the face for the next two weeks. Literally. It was outside my door!

Every interaction, every conflict, every struggle, every joy over those next two weeks solidified this in my mind: Being a servant of God and being chosen to proclaim the heart of God to others is more than I could ever ask for and when I allow God to use me in this way, everything else falls into place. I know what purpose and fulfillment looks like. I am by no means a pro at this. In fact, writing this blog was a beautiful and much need reminder. But I am thankful and encouraged.

Discovering our purpose is a huge part of our time in college. I think I found mine hanging on white, brick walls of a dormitory late at night.

This is my purpose. This is who I should be. This is where I find fulfillment.

The story of me is meant to be about Christ.


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