Talley’s Folly: A Play in Pictures

“It’s when we let our guards down and start acting like ourselves that we can truly live and love life.” – Keriann Arnott summing up Talley’s Folly by Lanford Wilson

Talley’s Folly by Lanford Wilson came to my attention freshman year when my friend, Keriann, performed a scene from the show in our Acting I class. The scene was full of emotion and reality. The show is about a likable, middle-aged Jewish man named Matt Friedman. Matt has fallen in love with a southern girl  named Sally Talley. He suspects she loves him too, but she’s resisting. And tonight, Matt intends to find out why.

I was ecstatic when Keriann informed me that she would be performing Talley’s Folly as her Senior Theatre Project! I was even more thrilled when I got the chance to design posters and take production shots for the event!

My first try at photographing an event like this turned out to be a success! I attended two dress rehearsals to get a feel for the show. Dress rehearsals let me get closer to the action without worrying about an audience. After the first dress rehearsal, I had an idea of shots I wanted to get at the final rehearsal.

The show takes place at twilight. The low lighting made me nervous at first, but after experimenting with settings, apertures, and shutter speeds I found a good niche for the show. Some of the shots stil turned out too blurry to use, but the majority turned out really well.

Everyone involved in the production should be proud! The show was so real. Keriann and her Matt Friedman (Adam Joseph Silorey) brought the characters to life and were a pleasure to watch and to document. The show was just as good the third time!

Here’s a sampling of my personal favorite production shots.

(I typically had my Canon T3i set to an aperture of 5.6, shutter speed of 1/60-1/80, ISO at 1600, and a Tungsten white balance. Photographs were slightly post-processed using Photoshop CS6. Any pointers are welcome!)


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