Ever After: The Coolest Drama Camp of 2013

Ever After34

Teaching kids to do theatre turned out to be the most gratifying job I’ve ever had. It’s up on the same level with performing theatre. Somehow, I ended up with a great summer job directing and choreographing two theatre camps alongside my high school voice teacher. It was such fun!

This past week, our 4th-8th graders prepared and performed “Ever After – The Musical” from Pioneer Publishing. The musical shows what happens to fairy tale character 20 years after their happily ever after. The characters are guests on a late night talk show where the host is giving them a chance to reconcile with their old enemies and resolve unsettled problems.

This was quite the undertaking for a 5 day theatre camp. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how the week would go, but the kids stepped it up and improved in leaps and bounds. They accomplished a tremendous amount in 5 days. The kids had the audience laughing and applauding on Friday’s performance.

The best part — seeing the excitement and fun exude from each other kids. I loved introducing them to that spark of excitement that only theatre can bring.

Of course, since I wasn’t the sole director of this show, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures at the dress rehearsal with my Canon T3i. It’s been tremendously under-used this summer, if you ask me, so it felt good to pull it out for a spin!


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