Promoting Talley’s Folly

Talley's Folly 1

Images are powerful communicators. This is why successful promotional materials put a lot of emphasis on a good image to get their message across. I have loved exploring this within the past year!

In light of a new project just getting underway, I was reminded of my first solo experience with images and promotion. I partnered with my friend, Keriann Arnott, to promote her Senior Theatre Project – a production of Talley’s Folly. I designed posters that were put up in the Student Center on our college campus and spread through Facebook. Be sure to check out my Talley’s Folly production shots from the dress rehearsals and performance, too!

Since the play is set in the 1940s, Keriann was inspired by the idea of sepia tones and creating an image that was reminiscent of that time period. The play takes place in Lebanon, Missouri at an old boathouse, so we liked the idea of trying to communicate that by choosing a location by the water. God was good and gave us beautiful weather for the photo shoot, so we ran with it!

I used Photoshop CS6 for post-processing, experimenting with tones, text, and fonts. I learned a lot about copyright laws involved in producing a play. There were several words or phrases I was required to put on any promotional material. The playwright’s name even has to be a certain sized font in comparison to the title’s font size!

Talley’s Folly takes place in the summer time in the south. Since the play was being performed in April, the pictures were taken in late March and we actually had a few patches of snow left on the ground. I ended up becoming good friends with the Photoshop’s rubber stamp tool to make snow disappear in the background of one shot!

These pictures are some of my favorites. The play is so heartfelt and witty and these two performed it wonderfully. I like to think I captured it! Either way, I was grateful for the chance to learn, get the experience, and support the arts and my friends!

Talley's Folly 2 Talley's Folly 3


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