Making Ideas Reality

Whether your an artist, you wish you were an artist, or you know an artist, maybe you can relate: You get an idea. This lovely idea pops up in your imagination and formulates in your head. And you love it!

Then you get a chance to make that idea into a reality. And it’s a bit of a challenge.

My photography escapades over the past year or so have taught me that the process between “idea” and “reality” needs a lot of planning. When you’re learning, like me, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

Well, my friend, I’m so excited to say that my most recent idea worked! 

Alice in Wonderland Vogue concept - and it worked!
Alice in Wonderland Vogue concept – and it worked!

A dear friend and fellow theater enthusiast recently asked me to design promotional posters and take production shots for his Senior Theatre Project – his own adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. I’m thrilled to be a part of this long-anticipated project!

One day in the midst of an impromptu brainstorming session talking about other plans and ideas, Eric said to me, “Some of the cast and I thought it would be cool to do something like an Alice in Wonderland “Vogue” photoshoot.” Almost immediately, I saw the shot of the character Alice jump into my head.

I took the idea and ran with it. I let it formulate more details and did some secondary research to find design inspiration to strengthen and communicate my idea.

I just really fell in love with this idea.

The day of the photo-shoot, I knew exactly what I wanted our Alice to do. And it worked! 

Can you tell I’m just a little excited that it worked?

I think I’m excited because it lets me know I’m making progress. The opportunity arose,  I took it, and I knew how to take it and run with it. And it turned out just like it looked in my head. I accomplished what I set out to do. And that’s a big deal when you’re, like me, trying to officially break away from the novice category of a field like photography.

I still have tons to learn! I’m 100% positive there always will be. But I’m excited that I know how to do that – learn! And it’s working.  

So, HUGE thanks to Eric and the cast and crew of “Alice: A Walk Through Wonderland” for inspiring me and letting me be a part of this cool project!

Note: Check back soon for the rest of the rest of the promotional posters and the production shots! It’s a fantastic cast and crew. In fact,  I really hope you’re able to see the show this weekend!

For the camera nerds: All it took was some adjusting my Canon T3i in manual mode to work with the bright sunlight (high shutter speed, medium aperture, low-ish ISO – yes, very technical, I know!), standing up on a chair, costume, model, and props, and bumping up colors and contrast in my RAW file using mainly saturation and curves along with a few other tweaks in Photoshop CC! 


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