It was high time for me to practice some photography skills and Angela is always up for an adventure! So we headed to Leiper’s Fork, enjoyed some beautiful scenery, and had lots of good conversation.

Enjoy! Special thanks to Ang for helping me out and being such a good friend!

Learn more about my goals for this project and how I accomplished it below the gallery!

My main goals for these photos were to:

  1. Beat the pesky bright sun problem
  2. Produce quality portraits
  3. Try out some new editing techniques and figure out what on earth Photoshop actions actually are

I tackled the sun problem by finding shady spots and shooting until I found a good angle for the sun. I tried to use the bright, afternoon sun to my advantage. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But when it worked, the results were great!

I’ve never tried Photoshop actions before this shoot simply because I want to learn to make the effects happen for myself! 😉 What I have done is follow Greater Than Gatsby: Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets on Facebook for several months now. Not only do they have the coolest name ever, but I really enjoy their photography! They offer a free trial of a few of their popular Photoshop actions, so I gave them a whirl. I tweaked them to suit my taste and loved the results! I look forward to experimenting more with Photoshop actions and hopefully figuring out how to create some of my own in the future.


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