6 Reasons I’m Glad My First Apartment Had Bed Bugs


No one expects their first apartment to have bed bugs. It’s not the ideal situation, to be sure. But there I was, the first night in my empty apartment, the red creep crawlies came out to play. I moved out the next day.
This might sounds like the worst thing on earth, but I’m actually incredibly thankful for the turn of events. Here’s why:

1. It reminded me to laugh at myself.

I panicked once or twice, it’s true. But in the end, stepping back from the situation and seeing the comedy in it turned an annoying-as-all-get-out situation into quite the exhilarating adventure. How else can I explain being ok with spending the night on the floor with no company but my bed bug friends? I just laughed at the ridiculousness of it and carried on. You can hear more details about that particular adventure right here. πŸ™‚

2. I proved (to myself) I can handle adult life.

By the time I moved to Nashville, I was so ready to set out on my own and try new things, but I didn’t feel like an adult. Other early twenty-somethings can probably relate. Once I saw myself keep my cool in the heat of the moment and handle a lot of “adult-like” responsibilities, adult life didn’t look so mysterious anymore.

Don’t get wrong, my parents were awesome during all of this. I called them and asked for advice and they pitched in a helping hand here and there that I’m forever grateful for, but I still proved to myself that I could handle what life was currently throwing at me.

3. It makes for a great story.

Do you know how great it is to have the whole “My first apartment had bed bugs” story in your back pocket? It’s a great conversations starter and it’s kind of hilarious to watch people squirm as I tell it. πŸ˜‰

4. God answered my prayer for awesome roommates!

My mom and I had prayed for a great roommate situation for me, but a few things fell through and I wasn’t super keen on moving in with a complete stranger.

My girl Katie Rose came to my rescue (and it wouldn’t be the first time, let me tell you!) Katie is a co-worker of mine that I never would have gotten to know if I hadn’t rented a room in her house for 2 months. Our schedules are very different and our offices are on different floors. Her advice during my transition into the work place was so valuable. Plus, she shares her homemade lasagna and crazy life stories with me, introduced me to her awesome friends, and taught me what an Orange Julius is. She’s a quality girl and I can’t imagine not knowing her! She and our friend Jenn deserve a shout-out for “taking me under their wing” those first couple weeks. I’m forever grateful, girls!

Now I’m just about to make the move closer to work with a lovely girl I met through a good friend. I think we’ll get along great and I’m pumped for the new adventure! So, really, God answered our prayer multiple times.

5. I ended up with lower rent.

I almost didn’t add this one in, but let’s be real – that’s pretty awesome!

6. I watched God show up over and over again.

I could tell you story after little story. For instance, I was so annoyed with my moving company for delaying my furniture’s arrival for about a week. Little did I know, if my furniture had been on it’s way any earlier, it would have been infested with bed bugs or I would have had no place to store it.

Or how about how I bought giant black garbage bags my mom said were way too large? Turns out a good way to make sure your stuff is bed-bug free is to put them in giant black garbage bags and keep them in the summer heat of your car.

God never leaves your side, people. Even when you don’t see it at first. I’m learning to love each adventure!

If you’re curious to hear the full story, check out my post called “The Great Bed Bug Exodus of 2014” for a comical look at how I handled each curveball. πŸ™‚


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