Faces of Honduras

I recently traveled to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and its surrounding areas with WAY-FM and Compassion International. My task on this trip was to keep my camera by my side and document.

Compassion is an organization committed to changing the trajectory of children born into poverty all over the world. We met so many beautiful children and families whose lives had been changed by this program and the letters from each child’s sponsor. Instead of being stuck in poverty, these children you’re looking at can dream.

Times are still tough for them. The gang violence and lack of resources should never get to the point these children were born into, but I see hope in their eyes and joy in their smiles because of God’s work through Compassion.

These children were precious and a joy to photograph. My motto for the week was the new Spanish phrase I learned: “Quieres una photo? Soria!” It means something like, “Would you like me to take your photo? Smile!”

I hope you “soria” as you look through these sweet faces. Keep them in your prayers, if you think of it.

Learn more about Compassion here.


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