I Love the Colors in Iceland.

The colors.

Buildings that take bold risks. Murals dripping with eclectic taste. Hills that are so vibrantly green it’s hard to believe Photoshop wasn’t involved.

The color scheme is always noticed – the thing that charms me about a new place. Iceland is no exception.

This post is an exhibition of those colors for you, my friend, to revel in or smile upon.


The city! Oh, Reykjavik, with your colors and personality. Thank you for being fanciful, free, and altogether hard to describe.

So many establishments chose to take bold moves in their color choices, and street art has never looked as intentional and fitting. I would never get tired of these streets.


The color showed up right away on the dreary day we rolled out of Keflavik International Airport. The terrain is completely barren and textured for miles, but dotted with bright rooftops of red, green, yellow, blue – lone homes, unassumingly making their presence known.

Throughout the country, I found myself wondering what it would be like to live in these beautiful, yet isolated places.


Photoshop has made a society of skeptics in some ways. Can a grassy field really be this vibrantly green and alive? Can the sky truly be so deeply blue?

Yes. This is exactly how the Icelandic landscape looks and feels in the summer. I was in constant awe of how cinematic the natural colors could be.


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