What It’s Like to Stand at the Foot of a Volcano

I’m not one to fan-girl too much, but when we started driving toward Eyjafjallajokull, all bets were off.

It’s a volcano and, yes, its name is extremely hard to pronounce. Walter Mitty encounters Eyjafjallajokull in the movie and it erupted in real life in 2010.

Why am I fan-girling over a volcano, you may ask? Let me try to explain:

Mountains immediately inspire me because they demand attention. They’re majestic, occupy so much space, and create an infinitely beautiful silhouette against the sky. And that’s just at its foot.

Atop a mountain, you’ll find a wild scope for the imagination. You can see for miles! Homes, places of business, roads, rivers, cars, nature, wildlife, other mountains – they’re observed all at once and from afar. It’s mesmerizing to consider life in the midst of them while being completely removed from it all. Views like this put things into perspective and provide the perfect place to just be – to ponder, reflect, or rest.

So, I’m already obsessed with mountains. Eyjafjallajokull adds elements of vast power and mystery. 

Volcanos are so engrained in my mind as a fictional part of beloved adventure stories or historical events from long ago. I’ve only read about them or seen them explode on TV, but now, I was seeing one in real life. All of a sudden, a piece of the stories that have captured my imagination, taught me life lessons, and provided a brief escape, is existing in real life.

Worlds are colliding.


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