Surprisingly, These 5 Secrets from Taylor Swift Changed the Way I Love the World.

Every person wrestles with the desire to gain friends, be accepted, and truly connect with others. Surprisingly, Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour shed a very bright spotlight on how to succeed in these areas with flying colors. The biggest name in pop-culture managed to make every person in a packed arena feel like her best […]

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Faces of Honduras

I recently traveled to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and its surrounding areas with WAY-FM and Compassion International. My task on this trip was to keep my camera by my side and document. Compassion is an organization committed to changing the trajectory of children born into poverty all over the world. We met so many beautiful […]

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Remember Our Summer Adventures?

Late November has a new feel along with it. School is seen as half-over, people finally accept the colder weather as the norm, the holiday feelings spring up in new places everyday, and summer belongs in a distant memory. That distant memory of summer marked a new adventure for me. I moved to Tennessee to […]

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