10 Best Photos of the Semester

Choose the 10 best photos you have taken all year. That last  assignment for my spring photography class was harder than you might expect! My nursing major friends poked fun at me because I said narrowing down my photos was “hard.” I’ve taken so many pictures, worked hard, and learned so much this semester. Emotional attachment […]

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Lomography Project

I stumbled upon Lomography while brainstorming for a project. It fascinated me. The 10 Golden Rules of lomography actually challenged me in my approach to photography. They focus on incorporating photography into everyday life. I decided to incorporate this concept into my project. Golden Rule #3 says, “Lomography is not an interference in your life, but […]

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What’s in a name?

Students had barely begun breathing life back into Cedarville’s campus and I was back, ready for another year of learning, growing, and discovering more of what God has for me. You never know where a year will whisk you away to. I already felt at home in the dorms and was helping my RA hang […]

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