Remember Our Summer Adventures?

Late November has a new feel along with it. School is seen as half-over, people finally accept the colder weather as the norm, the holiday feelings spring up in new places everyday, and summer belongs in a distant memory. That distant memory of summer marked a new adventure for me. I moved to Tennessee to […]

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It was high time for me to practice some photography skills and Angela is always up for an adventure! So we headed to Leiper’s Fork, enjoyed some beautiful scenery, and had lots of good conversation. Enjoy! Special thanks to Ang for helping me out and being such a good friend! Learn more about my goals […]

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iPhone-Tastic: The Beach

Don’t get me wrong, I love my SLR! But on a recent trip to the beach, I found myself clicking the shutter on my iPhone camera much more than I had anticipated. The latest smartphones include even more sophisticated cameras. No doubt, SLRs can do tons more than my iPhone and I won’t be swapping […]

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