Headshots with Elizabeth Gray

Actress and playwright extraordinaire, also known as my dear friend, Elizabeth Gray, recently allowed me to take some audition headshots for her. Not only did I get to spend some time with this wonderful girl, but I also got to take my camera for a much-needed spin! Since this was my first “official” shoot specifically […]

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Alice: A Walk Through Wonderland

Three words to describe Eric’s Senior Theatre Project: Ethereal, Fanciful, Artistic. There you have it, straight from the imagination of the director and mastermind himself! I had a blast with this photo-shoot and it’s been so much fun seeing these posters around campus! These posters are the rest in my Vogue-inspired Alice Poster I shared […]

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Making Ideas Reality

Whether your an artist, you wish you were an artist, or you know an artist, maybe you can relate: You get an idea. This lovely idea pops up in your imagination and formulates in your head. And you love it! Then you get a chance to make that idea into a reality. And it’s a […]

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Promoting Talley’s Folly

Images are powerful communicators. This is why successful promotional materials put a lot of emphasis on a good image to get their message across. I have loved exploring this within the past year! In light of a new project just getting underway, I was reminded of my first solo experience with images and promotion. I […]

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Lomography Project

I stumbled upon Lomography while brainstorming for a project. It fascinated me. The 10 Golden Rules of lomography actually challenged me in my approach to photography. They focus on incorporating photography into everyday life. I decided to incorporate this concept into my project. Golden Rule #3 says, “Lomography is not an interference in your life, but […]

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